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Alloy 95.4Sn/3.1Ag/1.5Cu is considered to be the best
Sep 20, 2016

Alloy 95.4Sn/3.1Ag/1.5Cu is considered to be the best. Its good performance is a result of tiny micro-organizations, micro-organizations, high fatigue life and plastic. 0.5~0.7% solder alloy of copper and silver content of any higher than about 3% will increase the Ag3Sn particle volume fraction, resulting in higher strength. However, it does not increase fatigue life, possibly due to larger Ag3Sn particle formation. High copper content (1~1.7%Cu), larger Ag3Sn particles may exceed Ag3Sn particles with high volume fractions of affected, resulting in reduced fatigue life. When copper more than 1.5% (3~3.1%Ag), the Cu6Sn5 particle volume fraction will increase. However, the strength and fatigue will not be further increased with the copper. Triple system in Tin/Silver/Copper 1.5% copper (3~3.1%Ag) most effectively to produce an appropriate number of the Cu6Sn5 particle size, the smallest micro-organizations, so as to achieve maximum fatigue life, strength and ductility.

According to reports, alloy triple 93.6Sn/4.7Ag/1.7Cu 217 ° c temperature eutectic alloy 3. However, in measurement of cooling curves, this component did not observe precisely the melting temperature of the alloy. Get a small temperature range: 216~217 ° c.

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