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Low melt point lead-free solder
Sep 20, 2016

The project development of low-melting lead-free solder patent (2) product, its solidus is 125-140 ° c, liquid is 150-170. Its melting point is even lower than that of conventional solder melting point temperature, particularly suitable for temperature-sensitive, heat-sensitive components of the welding, welding can be eliminated due to the high temperature damage to electronic components. In today's miniaturization of electronic components and SMT, the temperature resistance of the component power comes a sharp drop, low-melt welding Tin has become a trend. In addition, when the electronic components used in already has a melting point of 185 ° c solder welding, welding points, once again, if you still use this type of solder welding, will make the original solder joint weld removal. The project development of the low melt point lead-free solder in the current market there is no, and cost-effective.

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