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Background Of Solder Paste
Sep 20, 2016

In in the 1970 of the 20th century of surface posted loaded technology (Surface Mount Technology, referred to SMT), is refers to in printed circuit board welding disc Shang printing, and coated cloth solder cream, and will surface posted loaded components accurate of posted put to coated has solder cream of welding disc Shang, according to specific of return temperature curve heating circuit board, let solder cream melting, its alloy components cooling solidification Hou in components and printed circuit board Zhijian formed welding points and achieved metallurgical connection of technology.

Solder paste is accompanied by SMT emerges as a new type of welding materials. Solder paste is a complex system that is composed of solder powder and flux and other additives mixed into the paste. Solder paste has a certain viscosity at room temperature, early electronic components can be glued to the set position, at the welding temperature, along with volatile solvents and some additives, to be welded components and printed circuit pad welded together to form a permanent connection.

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