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Common Types Of Solder
Sep 20, 2016

Depending on the melting point can be divided into hard and soft solders solders; according to the different components can be divided into the tin-lead solder, silver solder, copper solders, etc. In the soldering process, the general use of tin-lead alloys.

1) – tin-lead solder is commonly used in lead-tin alloy solder, made up mainly of Tin and lead, also contain trace metals such as antimony.

Tin-lead solder applications: widely used in electronics soldering, radiators and metal industries wave soldering, Baptist and other precision welding. Special welding and coating, electroplating etc. Tempering refining treatment through a special process and production of antioxidant solder, with unique antioxidant properties, dross less than regular solder, with less wear and tear, good mobility, easy to weld, solder uniform, bright and so on.

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