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SHEN ZHEN BBIEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a full line supplier of,core wire solder,stencil and dispensing solder paste,solder powder,bar solder,soldering Flux, SMT surface mount adhesives, which serves a wide breadth of industries such as electronics assembly, chips, power electronics, die attach, LED lighting,household electrical appliances photovoltaic, semiconductor packaging,and automotive.

Based on Tradional Electronics Markets&Open Up Evolving markets

BBIEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has developed assembly materials connections that exhibit high reliability and performance.Common problems,such as voids and oxidation,are minimized and eliminated with our advanced products. These technologies allows for improved operational accuracy with increased durability. BBIEN’S innovations for Military/Medical applications include:solder paste,stencils,flux,wire,surface mount adhesives,and cleaners.

As a technology leader in electronics assembly,BBIEN is motivated to provide product solutions in emerging markets where the technology is rapidly changing and becoming more complex.With demanding requirements and more stringent compliance,BBIEN has a dedicated team to focus on meeting these industry challenges with groundbreaking product solutions.


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