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  • High Quality Leaded No Clean Solder Wire Sn60Pb40

    Contact NowHigh Quality Leaded No Clean Solder Wire Sn60Pb40High quality Leaded no clean solder wire Sn60Pb40 Sn60Pb40 rosin flux core wire solder is an activated rosin formula for use in flux-cored solder wire. It has virtually dominated the field of activated rosin core solders for well over four decades. An outstanding performance to repair kinds of electronics,celphone. Feature of this flux core solder wire is the “instant-action” wetting behavior. The high mobility and fast-spreading action of this flux results in more reliable production line soldering.Read More

  • Pure Tin 99.95% Solder Wire Sn99.95

    Contact NowPure Tin 99.95% Solder Wire Sn99.95Product Details Pure tin 99.95%solder wire Sn99.95 Product Introduction BBIEN environmental pure solder wire LF-06 Sn99.95 is developed to comply with the IEC and JPCA halogen content specifications,complying with the recent trend for environmental protection.LF-06 Sn99.95 lead free solder wire...Read More

  • 0.1mm Lead Free Solder Wire Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5

    Contact Now0.1mm Lead Free Solder Wire Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5No-clean flux core wire solder 0.1mm to 3.0mm BBIEN LF-01 Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 BBIEN LF-01 0.1mm lead free solder wire Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 are both a halide-free and halogen type available,not water-soluble,flux cored and solid solder wire,melting point is 217 degree Celsius high temperature.BBIEN LF-01 Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 Pb free tin-silver solder wire is also belongs to RoHS standard wire solder,the diameter of this solder can be above 0.1mm(0.1mm~0.15mm),0.2mm,0.3mm…1,0mm…Read More

  • No Clean Lead free Silver Solder Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7

    Contact NowNo Clean Lead free Silver Solder Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7No clean lead free silver solder wire BBIEN LF-02 Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 BBIEN LF-02 Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 flux core, no clean high temperature 227degree Celsius solder wire is a low residue flux core solder designed for hand soldering and to repair electronics applications. Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 flux core solder wire is a newly developed cored wire that is specifically designed to meet JIS Class AA requirements, with a halide content <1,000ppm, for no-clean lead-free applications.  It offers the balance of high SIR reliability and excellent spread characteristics.  It is among the best performing products in the our cored Wire product portfolio.  The pay off is not only an excellent soldering performance, but also a reliable material that is able to comply to IPC flux ROL1 classification.Read More

  • Sn-Bi-Ag Lead Free Soft Solid Solder Wire Sn64Bi35Ag1

    Contact NowSn-Bi-Ag Lead Free Soft Solid Solder Wire Sn64Bi35Ag1Sn-Bi-Ag 179degree lead free soft solid solder wire With the development requirement of world environmental protection,lead free solder wire will gradually replace the tin-lead solder wires.SHEN ZHEN BBIEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD apply for the advanced technology,do research and development more and more special and very usefully lead free solder wire,low and middle temperature solder wire,Tin Bismuth Silver solder wireSn64Bi35Ag1,melting point is 179degree,diameter available e.g.0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm.Read More

  • 227degree Tin-copper Solder Wire Sn99.3Cu0.7

    Contact Now227degree Tin-copper Solder Wire Sn99.3Cu0.7227degree tin-copper solder wire BBIEN LF-03 Sn99.3Cu0.7 BBIEN LF-03 Sn99.3Cu0.7 lead free soldering wire is based on a"No-Clean"flux and is available with lead-free alloy,its melting point is 227degree Celsius,can be used for repairing almost electronics,chips,pcb,lead free items.It has been developed for usual requirements for conventional soldering and for soldering in industrial production and for repair and resoldering.The smallest diameter size can be above 0.15mm(0.2mm,0.3mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm…),packing with 100g,200g,250g,500g,1kg per spool.Read More

  • Tin Silver Solder Wire SnAg 0.3~1.0

    Contact NowTin Silver Solder Wire SnAg 0.3~1.0Tin silver solder wire BBIEN LF-07 Sn-Ag(0.3~1.0) Description for Sn-Ag solder wire BBIEN LF-07 Sn-Ag(0.3-1.0)tin silver solder wire is a high melting point solder wires,the content of silver(Ag)0.3%,0.35~0.38%,0.4%,0.5%...1.0%is,and tin(Sn)99%~99.7%.Sn-Ag series solder wire is a newly developed...Read More

  • Tin Lead silver solder wire Sn62Pb36Ag2

    Contact NowTin Lead silver solder wire Sn62Pb36Ag2Tin Lead silver halogens free solder wireSn62Pb36Ag2 During the processing of BBIEN no-clean solder wire strict quality control management and the advanced drawing process are implemented.Meanwhile,the ratio of both trace metals and impurity substances in the wires are precisely controlled and the welding flux in the wires is distributed uniformly to insure welding continuity.Besides a clean and tidy packing as well as a bright and smooth surface,BBIEN Technology's Sn62Pb36Ag2 soft soldering wire,in welding process,also provide excellent wettability and weldability,keeping the process in a friendly environment of few smell,few smoke,few flitting,and non-toxic environment. Diameter 0.5mm,0.6mm0.8mm1.0mm.2.0mm Tolerance0. Net Weight0.5kg、1.0kg All kinds of wires(e.g.tin-lead,flux core,solid core) MOQ:30kgRead More

  • Low Temperature Solid Tin-Bismuth Solder Wire Sn42Bi58

    Contact NowLow Temperature Solid Tin-Bismuth Solder Wire Sn42Bi58Solid tin-bismuth 138 degree Celsius melting point solder wire Sn42Bi58 BBIEN’S Sn42Bi58 LF-04 lead free solder wire is belong to Tin Bismuth series solder.It is low temperature and melting point solid solder(no flux core)wire,its melting point is approximately 138 degree Celsius.At present,the minimum diameter for this 42/58 solder wire reaches 0.5mm,we can also make 0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm… Two types of packing: 1.Spool/reel packing:250g,500g,1kg per spool 2.Box packing:500g,1kg per boxRead More

  • Rosin Core Tin-lead Solder Wire Sn63Pb37

    Contact NowRosin Core Tin-lead Solder Wire Sn63Pb37Rosin core tin-lead solder wire Sn63Pb37 Sn63Pb37 RMA core wire solder is a type of wire no-clean flux core solder wire,is the best quality of leaded solder wire,a low residue flux core solder designed for tin-lead hand soldering and re-work applications.The flux core provides sufficient activity to successfully solder bare copper,tin,silver,gold and other hard-to-solder surfaces.Packing of 100g,200g,250g,500g and 1kg per spool;tube packing 15g/tube can be customized.Diameter above 0.3mm(0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm…)Read More

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