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  • Low temperature Sn-Bi solder bar Sn42Bi58

    Contact NowLow temperature Sn-Bi solder bar Sn42Bi58Tin-bismuth Sn42Bi58 low temperature solder bar BBIEN’S Sn42Bi58 LF-05 lead free solder bar is belonging to Tin Bismuth series solder. It is low temperature and melting point and lead free soldering bar alloy, its melting point is approximately 138 degree Celsius. Packing weight of 0.74kg/piece, and 10-20kg per carton.Read More

  • Pure tin solder bar Sn99.95

    Contact NowPure tin solder bar Sn99.95SN100 pure tin lead free solder bar BBIEN LF-01 Sn100 is a pure tin soldering bar.The purity of of tin is above 99.95%,Its melting point is 210degree Celsius to 220degree Celsius.For soldering applications which require maximum reliability of solder joints,especially for surface mounted components,only solder of the highest purity is acceptable.BBIEN does not make any vague claims of outstanding solder purity.Complete analysis of BBIEN Ultrapure Bar Solders prove that every batch conforms to the strictest quality control standards in the solder industry.Read More

  • Sn50 Pb50 Lead Sn/Pb Solder Bar

    Contact NowSn50 Pb50 Lead Sn/Pb Solder BarSolid tin-bismuth 138 degree Celsius melting point solder wire Sn42Bi58 BBIEN TL-03 Sn50Pb50 tin-lead good quality solder bar is match with liquid soldering flux for hand and wave solder technique.50%tin content and 50%lead alloy,which has fast wetting and low spattering characteristics make it excellent for manual assembly and drag soldering applications.It is safe to use and operator friendly.Inspection is also made easier by its clear residue.Sn50Pb50 solder bar can are particular appreciated for usual electronics welding as it is cost much lower than Sn63Pb37 and lead free solder bar alloy.Read More

  • Good quality tin lead soldering bar Sn63Pb37

    Contact NowGood quality tin lead soldering bar Sn63Pb37Best quality tin-lead wave soldering bar Sn63Pb37 BBIEN TL-01 Sn63/Pb37 leaded soldering bar is consist of 63%tin 37%lead,this soldering bar is manufactured using high purity raw materials and is treated using proprietary dross reducing technology to give a solder alloy that has Low Dross Characteristics. Sn63Pb37 wave solder bar can meet BBIEN's proprietary viscosity and dross lowering treatments.This results in a pure,low drossing,high fluidity solder alloy,which is free of cast-in impurities and included oxides. less tin dross and high purity high fluidity solder alloy of 63%Sn37%Pb tin lead alloy soldering bar the excellent welding result bar solders lead solder bar for wave soldering SMT PCB.Read More

  • High quality lead solder bar Sn60/Pb40

    Contact NowHigh quality lead solder bar Sn60/Pb40High quality Sn60Pb40 lead bar solder 186 degree melting point BBIEN TL-02 Sn60Pb40 solder bar is alloyed from pure metals with deoxidation additive and manufactured in the commercially available alloys60%tin and 40%lead content with melting point appox 186 degree Celsius.Sn60Pb40 lead wave solder bar has a very good performance during wave soldering processing.Weight about 0.95kg/piece,size 32*2.0*1.8cm.Read More

  • High temperature solder bar Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7

    Contact NowHigh temperature solder bar Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 high melting bar solder BBIEN LF-04 Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 high temperature wave soldering bar(Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7)is a low-silver,lead-free solder according to ISO certificate which can replace eutectic or almost eutectic tin/silver/copper alloys.With this alloy,up to 90%of the cost proportion of silver can be reduced with almost identical processing characteristics. Its melting point is 227 degree Celsius,usage for high technical electronics wave soldering.Read More

  • Sn Pb Lead Alloy Bar Solder Sn70Pb30 Sn40Pb60 Sn30Pb70

    Contact NowSn Pb Lead Alloy Bar Solder Sn70Pb30 Sn40Pb60 Sn30Pb70Sn/Pb lead alloy bar solder Sn70Pb30 Sn40Pb60 Sn30Pb70 BBIEN tin-lead solder bar(tin solder bar)is applicable to various high temperature soldering,especially good in inductance wires,transformer and other industries.The tin alloy solder bar alloy composition can be changed according to specific requirement.Their appearance is bright stcik/bar Sn70Pb30 Sn40Pb60 Sn30Pb70 Soldering tin bar is applicable to 1.high temperature soldering 2.good in inductance wires,transformer and other industriesRead More

  • Tin copper alloy lead free solder bar Sn99.3Cu0.7

    Contact NowTin copper alloy lead free solder bar Sn99.3Cu0.7Tin copper alloy lead free solder bar Sn99.3Cu0.7 BBIEN LF-03 Sn99.3Cu0.7 lead free alloy wave soldering bar,which is a silver free tin bar.Sn99.3Cu0.7 solder stick/bar is a eutectic Tin/Copper Sn/Cu alloy with controlled metallic dopants to control the grain structure within the solder joint,and to minimize the dissolution of copper into the solder pot.LF-03 Sn99.3Cu0.7 tin copper lead free wave soldering bar virtually eliminates the occurrence of common defects such as icicling and bridging.The improved grain structure also results in shinier solder joints than traditional lead-free alloy alternatives.Read More

  • Lead free silver soldering bar SAC305

    Contact NowLead free silver soldering bar SAC305SAC305 lead free wave silver soldering bar BBIEN LF-03 Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 and is lead-free alloys suitable for use as a replacement for Sn63Pb37 alloy.The SAC305 Sn-Ag-Cu series Pb-free wave silver solder bar/stick variants is used to stabilize/reduce the copper content in the wave solder bar;this requirement will depend on process conditions.As with all our metals bar solder,BBIEN’S proprietary alloying process is used to remove certain impurities,particularly oxides.Read More

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