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  • Liquid Solder Flux

    Contact NowLiquid Solder FluxLiquid solder flux BBIEN LF-01 liquid wave solder flux is activated rosin liquid flux is a homogeneous solution of high quality purified high grade rosin in a specially blended alcohol vehicle into which a very small amount of an extremely effective activating agent has been incorpo-rated.BBIEN LF-01 flux is classified as Type ROL1 flux under IPC ANSI/J-STD-004 Joint Industry Standard. BBIEN LF-01 is a high quality lead free solder flux,also a low solids,weak-halide,no-clean flux that is designed for wave solder,selective solder and touch up processes,it approved as type RMA and has proven to be nearly as active in fluxing ability as highly activated rosin fluxes,but the flux and its residue are considerably less conductive.The low conductivity results from a minimum of ionic activating agent as shown by the very high water extract resistivity.The rosin residue is non-corrosive,non-conductive,and moisture and fungus resistant.The dry rosin residue actually insulates the surface from atmospheric corrosion.General packing is 16kg/20l per drumRead More

  • BGA Tacky Solder Flux

    Contact NowBGA Tacky Solder FluxBGA tacky solder flux BBIEN tacky paste flux is available for a wide range of applications,including rework as well as flip chip attach and BGA/CSP ball attach.They may be applied by printing,dispensing,pin transfer and dipping.Spraying and foaming for selected products is possible.Our special tacky solder flux is based on both halogen-free and halogen type ball attach flux and a blend of fine powder to allow stencil and dispensing BGA manufacturers best possible yields. Packing: 1.For stencil screen printing technical using:100g per jar/can 2.For dispensing joint soldering technical using:10cc per syringe tube/cartridgeRead More

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