BGA Tacky Solder Flux

BGA tacky solder flux BBIEN tacky paste flux is available for a wide range of applications,including rework as well as flip chip attach and BGA/CSP ball attach.They may be applied by printing,dispensing,pin transfer and dipping.Spraying and foaming for selected products is possible.Our special tacky solder flux is based on both halogen-free and halogen type ball attach flux and a blend of fine powder to allow stencil and dispensing BGA manufacturers best possible yields. Packing: 1.For stencil screen printing technical using:100g per jar/can 2.For dispensing joint soldering technical using:10cc per syringe tube/cartridge


Product Details

BGA tacky solder flux

Introduction for BBIEN tacky solder flux

BBIEN tacky flux is not a water soluble type but no clean type of tacky solder flux past. Our halogen free tack flux designed for bumping, BGA and CSP applications which delivers superior wettability on various pad finishes such as CuOSP, electrolytic Ni-Au and ENIG. Other key benefits include excellent cleaning properties and long tackiness life. Our tacky flux is a rosin-containing flux designed to provide the attributes of excellent solderability and reliability in general and high-density boards in both Lead-Free and eutectic tin/lead processes. Additionally, it provides good lead free solder joint cosmetics with an evenly spread, tack free residue.

BBIEN tacky solder flux quality control

Our latest line of wave solder fluxes, including our EF-Series, is designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability in its class.

Specific tacky solder flux products were formulated to offer a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary fluxes. BBIEN tacky fluxes have been developed using the latest BBIEN flux technology. We exported many tacky solder flux production around the world, and each of these product follows strict standards that assure high product quality and unmatched consistency.

Advantage feature of BBIEn tacky flux

BBIEN no clean tacky fluxes offer environmentally friendly benefits, while providing unmatched soldering performance. The BBIEN soldering flux line is unsurpassed in providing wave soldering process solutions. Its rosin-base and alcohol-based fluxes provide excellent wetting, virtually defect-free soldering and high line throughput across the full range of applications.

Features for Pb-Free:

· Good hole-fill demonstrated by >96% yield on 10 mil holes.

· Low bridging performance on connectors.

· Good micro-solder ball performance in Lead-Free applications

· Pin testable

· Specifically designed for use on Cu-OSP PCBs Benefits:

· Excellent Lead-Free soldering performance on various board finishes.

· Evenly spread, tack free residue.

· Capable for high density as well as general purpose Lead-Free soldering processes.

· Can be used in Pb free or Sn/Pb processes

Application for tacky solder flux

1) Careful selection and preparation of ingredients produced superior tacky flux that exhibits high insulation reliability even without being cleaned. If desired, it can be easily cleaned by a CFC-alternative cleaning agent.

2) Ideal for BGA repair,BBIEN tacky flux is designed to exhibit swift activity at lower temperature ranges, considering applicability to repair process where pre-heating is short and heating may be inadequate.

3) Maintains its high adhesive force for a long period of time. BGA and CSP components will be secured from moving around.

4) Improved melting during repaire,.Conventional halogen-free products tend to cause solder defects.BBIEN tacky flux is used for high technique for making production,therefor,its improved thermal resistance,withstands high temperature heating, and ensures molten solder contact and coalescence.

5) Tacky solder flux was designed for pin transfer, dot dispensing and/or syringe applications. This flux can be used as a tack and flux vehicle for soldering components to a solid solder deposit (SSD), or precision pad technology (PPT) board surfaces. Tacky soldering flux is also great for rework applications on all PCB packages and can be used in BGA/PGA sphere/pin attach- ment vehicle or for repair and reballing/repinning. This flux works on flip chip, chip scale package and flip chip bumping sites assemblies as a soldering flux.

Recommended Reflow Profile

Optimal activation temperatures are 130°-185°C (266°-365°F). See the Soak Zone in diagrams below. This allows the use of tacky flux in a leaded or lead-free application. In a leaded application, the soak zone time (150°C-184°C) can be 60-90 seconds. The typical peak temperature will be 205°-215°C degrees with 60-90 seconds over reflow (183°C). in a leadfree application the soak zone time (150°-217°C) can be 60- 90 seconds. The typical peak temperature will be 235°-245°C degrees with 60-90 seconds over reflow (217°C).


Process Considerations

The optimum preheat temperature for most circuit assemblies is 85-105°C (185-221°F) as measured on the top or component side of the assembly. It is important to note that the optimum preheat temperature for a given assembly will depend on the combination of machine design, board mass or size and component mix and Alloy used in the solder pot. The key is to preheat the board to start the activation of the flux yet not burn it up prior to reaching the solder pot. The conveyor speed should be adjusted to accomplish the proper contact time then the preheat zones set to accomplish the proper preheating temperatures. If there is any questions please contact BBIEN Technical Support.

Packing for tacky flux

Tacky paste flux  could be classified as can/jar packing and syringe packing type.
1.For stencil printing BGA technique using: each can/jar holds the tacky pastes flux is 100g;20jar/cans per carton

2.For dispensing joint soldering technique using: each syringe/cartridge can load the tacky paste flux is 10cc;100pcs per carton

The packing materials can be separated into inner layer of a bubble box and outer package of a paper carton so as to better secure for shipping and transportation.


BBIEn tacky solder flux’s residues are non-conductive, non-corrosive and do not require removal in most applications. If residue removal is required, call Kester Technical Support.

Storage and Shelf Life 

Tacky solder flux as consist of rosin paste and some chemical liquid,BBIEN suggests that store away from sources of ignition,and keep tacky flux into cool refrigerator condition,temperature contro from 5-8degree Celsius.

Shelf life is general 6 months from the date of manufacture when handled properly and held at 5-8°C .

Health and Safety

Tacky solder flux during handling or use, may be hazardous to your health or the environment. Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and warning label before using this product.

Photos of Products

BBIEN Technology is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of bga tacky solder flux. We have professional workers who have consummate skills producing high quality products in our factory. Welcome to buy our discount and low price bga tacky solder flux made in China. Pricelist and quotation consultation are available if you need.


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