Liquid Solder Flux

Liquid solder flux BBIEN LF-01 liquid wave solder flux is activated rosin liquid flux is a homogeneous solution of high quality purified high grade rosin in a specially blended alcohol vehicle into which a very small amount of an extremely effective activating agent has been incorpo-rated.BBIEN LF-01 flux is classified as Type ROL1 flux under IPC ANSI/J-STD-004 Joint Industry Standard. BBIEN LF-01 is a high quality lead free solder flux,also a low solids,weak-halide,no-clean flux that is designed for wave solder,selective solder and touch up processes,it approved as type RMA and has proven to be nearly as active in fluxing ability as highly activated rosin fluxes,but the flux and its residue are considerably less conductive.The low conductivity results from a minimum of ionic activating agent as shown by the very high water extract resistivity.The rosin residue is non-corrosive,non-conductive,and moisture and fungus resistant.The dry rosin residue actually insulates the surface from atmospheric corrosion.General packing is 16kg/20l per drum


Product Details

BBIEN LF-01 Liquid solder flux

Introduction for BBIEN liquid LF flux

BBIEN LF-01 flux is a weak-halide activated foam flux conforming to with non-corrosive residues .BBIEN LF-01 liquid solder flux is a ready to use foam flux for wave soldering machines and has been specially formulated for applications in the electronic industry for soldering of printed circuits. The residues on printed circuit boards are dry and fast to handle immediately after the soldering process. During circuit testing test needles do not get clogged, so that cleaning of the boards is not required.

Classification for solder flux

BBI-LF-01 no clean soldering flux belongs to 2-Propanol types of flux,which is using for wave soldering using flux. Special design to meet the wettability for wave soldering. Bright spot welding. Flux in the appropriate internal activity solid content and its mechanism ensure the little residue after welding circuit,and board surface drying, cleaning. In un-specificness conditions,it exempt cleaning process,then save the operating costs of manufacture. It has with excellent welding performance. For wave soldering can reduce bridge or other defects.


Exhibits exceptional electrical reliability for a low-solids wave soldering flux. Complies with IPC-J-STD-004 SIR, Bellcore SIR, Bellcore ECM, JIS ECM, and JIS SIR.

Thermally stable activators provide minimized solder bridging in a low-solids, no-clean flux for wave

soldering and Selective Soldering in lead-free and tin-lead applications.

Reduces the surface tension between solder mask and solder to resist solder ball formation.

Very low level of non-tacky residue to reduce interference with pin testing. Exhibits no visible residues.

• Low solid content

• Welding spot surface brightness

• High wettability

• Non-cirrisuveness

• No residue generates after welding and no need to clean

• According with ANSI/J-STD-004

• High surface insulation resistance, and not obviously decreased


During the soldering process most of the flux is rinsed off the PCBs. Should cleaning be desired, the remaining flux residues can be easily removed using an alkaline cleaner. All known cleaning processes, such as by brushing, ultrasonic, steam etc. are appropriate. Evaporation of solvent can change the composition. Evaporation causes an increase of solid content and therefore density increases.


• Sealing save time for 1 year, do not cryopreservation this product.

• Away from fire, avoiding direct sunlight or hyperpyrexia.

• Without stirring before using.

• Do not use residual flux and flux, keep container sealing hybrid packaging.

• Before using the flux which be long-term storage, proportion shall be measured,and adding thinners to adjust to the normal proportion.

BBIEN LF-01 liquid using tips


Suggest parameters

Flux coated (Spray method)

750-1500mg/in2  Solid content

Surface of board preheated temperature


Under the board the preheated temperature

About 35°C higher than surface

Board heating rate

Max 2°C/s

Tilt angle of conveyor belt

5-7°, in general 5.7-6°

Speed of conveyor belt

1.0-1.5 m/min,in general 1.2 m/min

Wave crest of time

1.5-3.5s,in general 2.0-2.5s

Tin stove temperature


Note:BBIEN LF-01 soldering flux is apply for wave soldering technique. The above parameters for reference only,don't guarantee to obtain the best welding effect. As the different conditions of the equipment, components, PCB aspects of user, user had better use experimental design method to obtain the optimum parameters.

Main technical data of flux


In the process of using soldering flux control is very important,it can guarantee the composition of flux not change. Wave soldering process accurate control of flux can not only ensure the same welding effect, but also residuel at least after welding . Then to eliminate scratching of the test of solder probe.

Health & Safety:

This product, during handling or use, may be hazardous to health or the environment. Read the Material safety Data Sheet and warning label before using this product.

Consult the SDS for all safety information. The most recent version of the SDS is available from BBIEN. Inhalation of the flux solvent and volatilized activator fumes, which are generated at soldering temperatures, may cause headaches, dizziness and nausea. Suitable fume extraction equipment should be used to remove the flux from the work area. An exhaust at the exit end of the wave solder machine may also be needed to completely capture the fumes. Observe precautions during handling and use.

Suitable protective clothing should be worn to prevent the material from coming in contact with skin and eyes.

BBIEN LF-01liquid flux contains a highly flammable solvent with a flash point of 53°F (12°C). The flux must not be used near open flames or near non-flameproof electrical equipment.

Packing Details
BBIEN liquid solder flux is package with plastic drum/bucket.

General  each drum/bulket can hold 20L/16kg

Special small packing such as 5kg,8kg please consult for BBIEN.

Exported countries:

BBIEN LF-01 lead free liquid solder flux have been exported to Bangladesh, Hongkong, SouthKorea, Russia, Japan, India…We are appreciated your kindly feedback and inquiries.

Products Photos

Technical Datasheet

Technical data information for BBIEN LF-01 iquid solder flux

BBIEN LF-01 no clean soldering flux Physical properties


Test results


Colorless, clear fluid


Alcohol taste

Physical stability

By:5±2 ºC No layered or crystallization precipitation,45±2 ºC no layering phenomenon

Solid content

(3%~6%) 6%


0.80± 0.05

Acid value

19.2 ± 1.0 mgKOH/g

Halogen content


·   Reliability performance


Technical requirements

Test result

Water extract resistivity

JIS Z3197-86

JIS Z3283-86

By:5.0×104 ohm·cm

Bronze corrosion

IPC-TM-650 2.3.32



IPC-TM-650 2.3.33


Halogen content

JIS Z3197-86

JIS Z3283-86


Boiling point


Buring Point





Colorless/light yellow



BBIEN LF-01 wave solder flux composition

1.Flux Product

Product name:Wave lead free soldering flux

MSDS code:MSDS BBI-218

Product usage:Wave soldering using flux,Used in electronic industry




HS code

Percentage Composition





















Solder flux chemical properties


Appearance(20 °C)


Specific gravity (water = 1 at 25 °C)


Boiling point (760 mm Hg)

82°C (179.6°F)

Melting point


Evaporative press (mm Hg at 20 °C)


Volatile rate (butyl acetate = 1)

2.3 - IPA

Steam density (air = 1)


Volatile volume percentage


Water solubility(% by weight)


The volatile organic compounds (VOC)




Smell threshold

<43- IPA

Freezing point (760 mm Hg)


W/O distribution coefficient


Colors and smell

Colorless, alcohols


BBIEN LF-01 wave liquid solder flux is formulated to be applied by spray methods. A uniform coating of flux is essential to successful soldering. When spray fluxing, the uniformity of the coating can be visually checked by running a piece of pH sensitive paper matching the footprint of the assembly over the spray fluxer.


SAC305 / SACX0307

63/37 Sn-Pb

Amount of Flux Single Wave:

applied by Spray

1200 – 1800 µg/in²

(190 - 280 µg/cm² ) of solids

1000 – 1400 µg/in²

(155 – 220 µg/cm² ) of solids

Amount of Flux Dual Wave:

applied by Spray

1600 – 2000 µg/in²

(250 – 310 µg/cm²) of solids

1500 – 1800 µg/in²

(230 – 280 µg/cm² ) of solids

Topside Preheat Temperature

105°C – 120°C (221°F – 248°F)

75°C -100°C (167°F - 212°F)

Bottom side Preheat


about 35°C (95°F) higher than topside

about 35°C (95°F) higher than topside

Maximum Ramp Rate of

Topside Temperature (to avoid

component damage)

2°C/second maximum

2°C/second maximum

Conveyor Angle

4°- 7° (6° typical)

4°- 7° (6° typical)

Conveyor Speed

3 - 6 ft./min. (0.9 – 1.8 m./min.)

3 - 6 ft./min. (0.9 - 1.8 m./min.)

Contact Time in the Solder

(includes Chip Wave and

Primary Wave)

1.5 - 3.5 seconds

(2.5 - 3 seconds most common)

1.5 - 3.5 seconds

(2.5 - 3 seconds most common)

Solder Pot Temperature

255°C – 265°C (491°F – 509°F)

240°C - 250°C (464°F – 482°F)

These are general guidelines, which have proven to yield excellent results; however, depending upon your equipment,components, and circuit boards, your optimal settings may be different. In order to optimize your process, it is recommended to perform a designed experiment, optimizing the most important variables (amount of flux applied, conveyor speed, topside preheat temperature, solder pot temperature and board orientation).

Advantage And Service

BBIEN LF-01 liquid solder flux

1) BBIEN’s liquid is used for Sparkle Solder [Sn-Pb] series and lead free wave soldering process.

2) Our comprehensive set of soldering technologies support the advance of the high-tech industries.

3) It is said that electronic devices start with jointing and end with jointing. A variety of jointing techniques have been developed for today's miniaturization and high density packing of electronic elements, but the role of soldering as the most universal and basic jointing remains the same.

4) BBIEN’s  production lines are precisely designed to satisfy diversifying and sophisticated soldering requirements with such advanced products as the Sparkle Series and non-spattering odorless, high activity solders, to champion supporter of the world's electronic and other high-tech industries.

5) Good performance for chip mounted & high density boards, standard type.

6) Prevention of dew condensation

7) Chip mounted & high density boards, lower residue, spray coating after using flux

BBIEN liquid flux chemically removes oxide film from the to-be soldered metal surface, and the molten solder surface, thereby exposing solderable metal surfaces. Flux is therefore indispensable in all soldering processes, including PC board and special metals. It must possess the correct characteristics to meet specific application requirements. From BBIEN’s long experience, we have developed various types of flux, including PC board flux, all of which provide unrivaled performance.

Technical Advantage

1) BBIEN can share the datasheet for our product to our clients.

2) Some certificate of compliance,SGS,ISO and COA,MSDS,are available.

3) BBIEN appreciate our clients and your valuable advice and suggestion,which will make our product and company better and better.

4) Both pre-sale and after-sale,BBIEN have skilled person to follow-up our client,reply answer for reasonable price,relevant quality standard,products data informations,shipping for your questions skillfully, quickly,technical support is available.

Shipping Advantage

1) Mutiple-transportation oversea shipping ways by ari,by sea,by train and truck road way ensuring the shipment can arrive at destination all around the world safety ,quickly and efficiently.

2) Shipment can be deliveried once placing order 2 to 10 working days.

3) Shipment will be regular and normal go through local custom and its warehouse,BBIEN has own specialized shipping team and operators agent all over the world.


1) When you send us message,BBIEN will feedback you general within 2 working hours.Our customer service or sales person will be match with you above 10-24hours. And solve your problem on solder products.

2) OEM is available according to your own logo.

Payment way:

A variety and flexible of payment terms,T/T,western union,paypal,L/C can be acceptable.

BBIEN also do some return back for our society

BBIEN Technology is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of liquid solder flux. We have professional workers who have consummate skills producing high quality products in our factory. Welcome to buy our discount and low price liquid solder flux made in China. Pricelist and quotation consultation are available if you need.

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